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Water Rush

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Water Rush

$40.00 excl vat

$40.00 excl vat

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Need the sounds of people in water? This library is the one you need
Water Rush gets you a multitude of recordings from a group of 30 swimmers doing dives, swims, runs, walks and other movement in the water – for unprecedented control of the water sounds.

Features both solo and group takes, and multiple mic positions, including underwater recordings.
Fantastic for sports, battle scenes and countless other situations where you want precise control of the water sounds.

Multi positioned microphones including ambient hydrophones

Tech description :

  • 788-Sound device
  • Hydrophones TC 4042 with UW directivity Spheres – 5.1
  • DPA 5100
  • MS-Schoeps CCM
  • 96 Khz/24 bits, 222 .WAV stereo and mono files (4,09 GB)
  • 4 Zip files

For multi user license, please contact RED LIBRARIES


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