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Mutant Insects-Flying

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Mutant insects  (Flying).

Red Libraries teamed up with the sound designers Frederic Devanlay and Thibault Csukonyi to create a new collection « Mutant Insects »
The library gathers a wide range of oversized wings for oversized designed flying insects, along with an extremely rich toolbox.
It allowing you to quickly and easily create every flying creatures and mutants you have in mind, but also sweeten or emphasize details with natural layers for real life documentaries, games or feature films
This insects are more impressive than in real life by their size and the noise made when flying.
So we called them “MUTANT Insects”.
And why not also use it for bird wings…
8 different species are featured :

Fly, Hornet, Grasshopper, Beetle, Moth, Gnat, Rhino Beetle, Dragonfly.

The movements offered are Idles (loop), Passes by, Swirling Evolutions (loop), Swarms (loop), Abrupt Movements (take flights, attacks, spasms…)
These evolutions have been created with the help of the Traveler plugin by Tonsturm, and the Sound Particles software by Sound Particles.
Presets for Sound Particles and Traveler are included in the pack.
Many thanks to Tilman Hahn and Nuno Fonseca.
The toolbox will allow to imagine your own mutants or to just simply create real insects.
With natural layers such as hummings or different appearances to made wing strokes.
The collection is used in several Hollywood’s productions
Used by Tim Nielsen (From Skywalker sound) in the Dark Crystal movie (Netflix)

Tech Description

  • DPA 4060
  • Sennheiser 8050
  • Sanken 100k
  • Neuman U87
  • Neuman KM82i
  • 96 kHz/24bits, 477 .WAV, Stereo files (Metadatas) 5,75 Go
  • 4 Zip files

For multi user license, please contact RED LIBRARIES

Created and produced by Frederic Devanlay and Thibault Csukonyi for Red Libraries and Big wheels studio

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