Red Libraries

Student Discount

STUDENTS CAN NOW SAVE UP TO 50% OFF on Red libraries. You have to create an account to Red libraries with your EDU e-mail and send us a scanned copy of your current student ID or some other proof of enrolment with a valid period at or use the form below. After we have received and approved your application, we will mark it as ‘Educational’ for a period of one year. After a year, you can renew your Educational account, by sending us new proof. Please note that all the sound collections on Red libraries come with a single-user license for use on one workstation by one user. Note: Because of the great discounts, purchases made via an Educational account automatically become NFR (Not For Resale): they cannot be transferred to another person in the future. The Student discount can’t be applied on a product on sale . The Student discount will be based on the the full price. [membre]

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