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Space Battle Artillery

$99.00 excl vat

The Textures Bundle

Wood impacts, Water rush, Windshield and The windmill in one bundle at a SPECIAL PRICE :$130 (save $100)

Hits, crunches, scrapes, roars, groans, maniplutations, splashes, get the best of raw textures for an incredible price


Red libraries has teamed up with Thibault Csukonyi and Frederic Devanlay to create a new collection called Space battle “Artillery”.

A sequence of sound libraries offering all the futuristic fight universe.
The first volume « Artillery » is a series of heavy weapons designed for space ships, vehicles, robots or on a base.
A mix between Sci-Fi and Steam punk, for all types of SF universe.
The sound library contain:
20 weapons designed with single shots and bursts
    (Cannons, Rocket launchers, Gun turrets, Lasers…)
– Separate items which compose each weapon in the form of synchronized layers allow you to make up your own creations by interchanging the different layers.
– A toolbox containing textures, servos, mechanisms, impacts and much more items.
Crafted with Kyma, Reaktor, Synths and with Nuendo

Tech Description

  • Avalon VT 737
  • Tube Tech CL1B
  • Apollo 8p
  • Sound device 744T
  • Contact Mic Barkus Berry
  • Sanken Co 100K
  • 96 kHz/24bits, 410 .WAV stereo files 4Go (Metadatas)
  • 3 Zip files

For multi user license, please contact RED LIBRARIES

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