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Load and Carriage

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Load and Carriage,

The loading or unloading of various wooden or metal containers in a wooden cart.
A trunk, a crate, a case, a jerry can, a can… Impacts, friction, slide rattle…

But also…
This set of metal or wooden containers that oscillate chaotically at different speeds like in an antique wooden cart to the rhythm of horses.

You have the choice of using either mono files for more presence or stereo files to create distance or width or make your own balance.

Tech Description

  • Avalon VT 737
  • Tube Tech CL1B
  • Sound device 744T
  • Barcus Berry contact microphone
  • Neuman KM82i
  • Neuman KM184
  • Nuendo

96 Khz/24 bits – 360 Mono files and 360 Stereo files, 2,65 Go
2 Zip files

For multi user license, please contact RED LIBRARIES

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