The Textures Bundle

$130.00 excl tax

The Textures Bundle

Wood impacts, Water rush, Windshield and The windmill in one bundle at a SPECIAL PRICE :$130 (save $100)

Hits, crunches, scrapes, roars, groans, maniplutations, splashes, get the best of raw textures for an incredible price

The Textures Bundle

What’s textures?

Wood impacts

Wood fibers explosions, hit by metal tools, crunches… Human body impacts has always been sonically close to fibrous plants.Everyone knows that leeks, celery or carrots are often used in foleys to do flesh and bones. Wood Impacts features a large number of organic-sounding wooden crunches, impacts, metal+wood clashes and wood fiber explosions.
The sounds are organized into 10 different categories such as:

Hits, Movements, Digs, Cracks, Mangles – giving you lots of great and versatile material for your sonic arsenal!


Real thematic toolboxes for your car crashes scenes.
Neutral acoustics and adjusted width will allow you to manipulate and integrate easily those elements.

Water rush

Proposes a wide array of water movements made by more than 30 swimmers. Those dynamic and quieter displacements will allow a lot of situations in your action scenes concerning groups or solo actions in water

From sport events to battlescene, every editing you’ll have to work on involving water, will be easier with this great toolbox

The Windmill

Proposes a large variety of wood sounds at different speeds. Focused on the wings, the main axis, the grindstone, the flour beaters and the global atmosphere.
Those dynamic and quieter sounds will allow a lot of situations as a wooden boat, wagon, structure, rope, creaks, groans, scrapes….

For multi user license, please contact RED LIBRARIES

Created and produced by Frederic Devanlay and Cedric Denooz for Red Libraries and Big wheels studio



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