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Human Bundle

$180.00 excl vat

The Human Bundle

Body Fall, The Hand, Footsteps, Clothes in one bundle at a SPECIAL PRICE :$130 (save $100)

Hits, Punches, Clothes, Footseps…



Human, Footsteps, Clothes, The Hand, Bodyfall in one bundle at a SPECIAL PRICE

Footsteps (MGP#1)

4 surfaces : Concrete, Dirt, Metal Sheet, Wood Rustic with Walk, Run, Land, Scuff (Combat boots, Leather business, Leather heels, Sneakers.

Clothes (MGP#2)

To make clothe movements when your character walk, run, land or turn. Or add an equipment layer.

The Hand

The sounds of the hand on the body.

Check hand, slap, punch, fingers and hand release, rub, scratch, pat, catch, hit, snap, clap…

Actions on the hand, the head, the face, the chest, the wrist, the arm, the back, the shoulder…

A great collection for close combat for example.

All sound are very natural and could be easily post processed as your needs

Bodyfall complete

Each volume proposes 2 different falling surfaces.

Concrete, Hard metal, Wood rustic, Metal grid, Dirt, Wood hardfloor, Metal composite, Wood parquet
On each of them, sounds of different parts of the human body:

Chest (simulated with 4 textures of distinct densities, labeled M1,M2,M3 and M4), feet, knees, and hands, have been separated.
All recordings were made from 3 distances (close, mid, distant) with 3 strength levels (hard, medium, soft).
Finally, this huge toolbox provides you with infinite combinations to make your own and unique bodyfalls.

For multi user license, please contact RED LIBRARIES