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Sci-Fi Bundle

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Sci-Fi Bundle

$299.00 excl vat


$299.00 excl vat

Artillery, Space fighters, Twisted universe and Unknown passby in one bundle at a SPECIAL PRICE


20 weapons designed with single shots and bursts
    (Cannons, Rocket launchers, Gun turrets, Lasers…)
– Separate items which compose each weapon in the form of synchronized layers allow you to make up your own creations by interchanging the different layers.
– A toolbox (117 files) containing textures, servos, mechanisms, impacts and much more items

Unknown Passby

Raw objects and pass by. We wanted to create unclassifiable objects, but with a natural aspect and texture. They can be easily added into a natural, sci-fi, historical or fantasy world.
The sound library is organized into 2 different categories such as:

Raw and designed objects included into this collection

Space Fighters

37 designed spaceships (296 files) a total of 5 fast (frontal) passages and 5 slow ones

– Each designed spaceship is separated in several layers (948 files) which enables you limitless possibilities to imagine your own combinations.
– A toolbox (330 files) containing textures, whooshes, designed synthesizers sounds…

Twisted Universe

A multitude of designed sounds, Impacts, Whooshes, Loops, Alarms, Tension layers, Zaps and much more…
You can use them dry or as a layer to add a crispy effect on your sound.

For multi user license, please contact RED LIBRARIES


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