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Matter Bundle

$160.00 excl vat



Toxic and Particles in one bundle at a SPECIAL PRICE.


Various tools to create a contaminated universe, whether by gas, poison, venom, liquid, air…
The injection of a poison by syringes for example, a bite of venom, the diffusion of a gas, the flow of an acid liquid, the arrival of a toxic wind…

Designed using recordings or synths then manipulated with tools such as Kyma, Nuendo or other great plugins.

You will have at your disposal mechanics only, textures only and designed sets ready for use.

You have the choice to make a unique sound.


Imagine clouds or storms of particles, spinning or suspended fragments, magnetic fields, clashing pieces…
Created from recordings of water, paper, metal, wood, plastic, electricity…
The whole reworked and crushed in plugins such as Kyma, Nuendo, Sound particles , GRM Tools, Arturia or other great plugins.

Easily usable in a futuristic or contemporary production.

Finally, the light mixing process gives you the possibility of applying your own processing chain.
You have the choice to make a unique sound.

Tech Description

Toxic, 96 Khz/24 bits – 100 Designed files, 66 Mechanism files, 176 Texture files 2,58 Go
4 Zip files

Particles, 96-192 Khz/24 bits – 136 Designed files, 312 Raw Texture files 6,83 Go
4 Zip files

For multi user license, please contact RED LIBRARIES