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Wood Impacts

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Wood Impacts

$65.00$35.75excl vat

$65.00$35.75excl vat

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Wood fibers explosions, hit by metal tools, crunches… Human body impacts has always been sonically close to fibrous plants.

Everyone knows that leeks, celery or carrots are often used in foleys to do flesh and bones. Wood Impacts features a large number of organic-sounding wooden crunches.

Impacts, metal wood clashes and wood fiber explosions…
The sounds are organized into different categories such as:

Hits, Movements, Digs, Cracks, Mangles…


The library is called “Wood Impacts”. With this release, we wanted to focus on fibrous wooden textures and cracks, recorded closely and sometimes mixed with fleshy impacts. Essentially, sounds that would work in movies like medieval knight wars, horror, or action movies.”

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Tech description :

  • HDP2 Tascam EAA Micromix
  • NTG7 Rode
  • 2 KM 184 Neuman
  • Barcus berry contact mic
  • 96 kHz/24bits, 1508 .WAV, stereo and mono files (2,12 GB)
  • 2 Zip files

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