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$40.00$22.00excl vat

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Windmill library gets you rich, organic-sounding recordings of wood, stone and metal. Crunches, grindings, rumbles, rhythm, squeaks, roars, movements, gears – it’s all there, captured in an old windmill.
The library focuses on the sounds of the wings, the main axis, the grindstone, the flour beaters and the global atmosphere – and they’re perfect for sounds of a wooden boat, wagons, structures, ropes etc.

Features both interior and exterior recordings, and gets you more than 1 hour and 20 minutes of atmospheric recordings.

The beast was recorded in France

Tech description :

  • 744T Sound Device SQN (Sony)
  • Barcus Berry contact mic
  • KMR 82i Neuman
  • MS Schoeps CMC 6 and CMC 5, decoded
  • 96 Khz/24 bits, 35 .WAV stereo and mono files (2,62 GB)
  • 2 Zip files

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