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Windshield – Glass destruction

Real thematic toolboxes for your car crashes scenes.
Neutral acoustics and adjusted width will allow you to manipulate and integrate easily those elements.

Start your engines now!

Red Libraries-Windshield_Metadatas


(Glass destruction)

Windshield; You need some massive windshield impacts and glass smashing sounds?
These sound effects delivers wild glass destruction, captured from actual windshields breaking.
It contains than 170 impacts, crunches and explosive sounds of laminated glass. Neutral acoustics and adjusted width allows you to easily manipulate and integrate the various elements. It also comes with contact microphone layers to get you fine, extra detail to your glass breaking textures, manipulation and impacts.
For your chaos, war, destruction, accident scenes and many more…
Have a truly smashing time with this sound collection!!!

Tech description :

  • 744T-Sound device + SQN (Sony) and EAA mixer
  • DPA 6040
  • MS Schoeps CMC 6 and CMC 5, decoded
  • Barcus berry contact mic
  • 96Khtz/24bits, 170 .WAV files (322 Mo)
  • 01 Zip file

For multi user license, please contact RED LIBRARIES

Created and produced by Frederic Devanlay and Cedric Denooz for Red Libraries and Big wheels studio


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