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Mini Game Pack2

Red Libraries » Mini Game Pack2

Mini Game Pack2

$20.00 excl vat

$20.00 excl vat

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Mini Game Pack2,  2nd volume of a Mini collection series.

You work on a small game, a personal project or your demo. You’re a game developers, a sound designers, a video editors, students…

With a low budget and these AAA sound effects, you will bring your characters alive. All the sound are ready to use.

#2 Clothes, recorded at Big wheels studio :

To make clothe movements when your character walk, run, land or turn. Or add an equipment layer.

5 Textures :

  • Cotton
  • Jeans
  • Leather
  • Nylon
  • Wool

4 Categories :

  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • Pocket
  • Gears (equipments for workers, soldiers etc…)

13 intentions

  • Walk, Run, Crawl, Crouch, Stand, Turn, Fast Turn, Whoosh, Fast Whoosh, Pocket In, Pocket Out

Tech description :

  • Avalon VT 737
  • Tube Tech CL1B
  • Neuman U87
  • Neuman KM82i
  • 48 kHz/24bits, 351 .WAV, mono files (Metadatas)
  • 1 Zip file

For multi user license, please contact RED LIBRARIES

Created and produced by Frederic Devanlay for Red Libraries and Big wheels studio


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