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Space Battle Fighters

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Space battle Fighters.

“Fighters” the sequel of the series Space battle.
After the heavy weapons in “Artillery” here are the spaceships,
37 designed spaceships (296 files) a total of 5 fast (frontal) passages and 5 slow ones.

Including different sizes, velocities and speeds, extensive organic base textures, metal, air, synthesizers…..
Designed using innovative tools such as Kyma, Traveler, Reaktor, Nuendo 10 or different synthesizers and plugins.
And it doesn’t stop there you can, thanks to the toolbox create your own machines.

Each designed spaceship is separated in several layers (948 files) which enables you limitless possibilities to imagine your own combinations.
The objects and the layers are designed and slightly processed in order to integrate them as you wish in your projects.

You will also find in the toolbox textures, whooshes, designed synthesizers sounds (330 files)

Available in a new Bundle, “Sci-fi Bundle” (Artillery, Unknown passby, Twisted Universe, Fighters)

Tech Description

  • 96 kHz/24bits, 1574 .WAV stereo files 5Go+ for the Complete
  • 4 Zip files for the Complete
  • Metadatas


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