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Sci-Fi Fx – Zenhiser

Red Libraries » Sci-Fi Fx – Zenhiser

Sci-Fi Fx – Zenhiser


Zenhiser is Sound library, one of the most in depth sound effects library we have created which fits perfectly along side our Transformer FX, Movie Impacts & Movie Stabs sound packs. Inspired by some of Hollywood’s biggest Sci Fi blockbusters, Sci Fi FX sound effects takes audio drive and sound manipulation to a whole new level.

We covered the main elements for both Music Producers and Movie / Game creators which means “Sci Fi FX” sounds contain 96 khz wav clarity for optimum performance and unrivalled original sounds for aural gratification. Crafted entirely from scratch these Sci Fi SFX sounds will absolutely blow you away, dark, mysterious, futuristic and downright incredible. Trust us when we say this is the SFX pack everyone needs.

“Sci Fi FX” sound effects pack consists of over 600 SFX sounds and zip’s in at just over 2.6GB, that’s a huge chunk of Sci Fi SFX awesomeness, all ready to use straight out the virtual box. We’ve included Atmosphere’s, Booms, Dark FX, Engine SFX, Glitches, Explosions, Impacts, Metal FX, Risers, Stinger FX, Swooshes, Whooshes and even some Wobble FX! As you can see Sci Fi FX sounds is one serious tool and a very complex SFX pack.

“Sci Fi FX” includes:

  • Atmospheres – 15
  • Boom FX – 40
  • Dark FX – 14
  • Engine FX – 11
  • Glitch FX – 13
  • Explosion FX – 20
  • Impact FX – 125
  • Metal FX – 59
  • Rise FX  – 26
  • Servos Stutter FX – 34
  • Stinger FX – 74
  • Swoosh & Scrape FX – 40
  • Whoosh FX – 94
  • Wobble FX – 42

So whether you’re adding Sci Fi Sound FX to latest movie, designing a futuristic Game or looking at taking your next Track to a new level, Sci Fi FX sounds from Zenhiser is the first place you must look.

Created and Produced by Red libraries for Zenhiser.


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