Freebies02 (Best of Red libraries)

Best of Red libraries

We don’t need any occasion to offer you a present!
This is some great sounds of our collections. Take it, use it, and tell us if you liked it.
It’s always a pleasure to design special collections for your projects.
From Water rush, Wood impacts, Windmill, Windshield, Unknown


(Best of Red libraries)

We’re really happy to offer you some of the very best of our collections, Freebies02 is a free selection.

Get the fiberry of WOOD  IMPACTS, the roar of WINDMILL, the heaviness of water in WATER RUSH, use Glass explosions with WINDSHIELD, guess what is passing by with UNKnown-PASSBY, and be enchanted by the EVERYDAY LIFE IN PARIS.

It’s always a pleasure to design special collections for your projects, movie, video game, TV, documentary…

A great selection for FREE, to download

Tech description :

  • 744T-Sound device + SQN (Sony)
  • DPA 6040
  • MS Schoeps CMC 6 and CMC 5, decoded
  • Barcus berry contact mic
  • 96Khtz/24bits, 34 .WAV files (992.4 Mo)
  • 01 Zip file

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Created and produced by Frederic Devanlay and Cedric Denooz for Red Libraries and Big wheels studio


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