Red Libraries

Licence Agreement


Files and content provided by Red libraries itself are subject to the conditions of the respective licence agreement which shall be included as a readable and printable document in the download file.
Red libraries only permits the usage of content legally acquired via the internet portal “” in combination with software applications and instruments intended for use with it.
Usage of content shall be restricted to a maximum of two local computers. These two computers are to be operated on a non-simultaneous basis by one user only. Multi-user usage of content acquired on a one-off basis is prohibited without exception.
The customer shall be permitted to use content for their own private and commercial music, film music, television music, advertising music and multimedia productions. For reasons of data security the lawful purchaser of Red libraries content shall be permitted to produce a safety copy on an external data carrier. This permission shall extend to a maximum total of one safety copy.
The removal of samples and/or patches from the sound databases is explicitly prohibited except that this is necessary for the proper use of the  downloads. The addition of Red libraries content to other databases and the use of content to create new sound databases, whether by changing the order of samples and/or patches, editing and/or amending the spectral structure of samples or changing the order of and/or amending patches, is strictly prohibited.
Red libraries content or parts thereof shall not be passed on, lent, rented out or sold to third parties. Furthermore, the distribution of Red libraries content via all distribution channels known at the present and in the future is prohibited.
In purchasing, installing and using Red libraries content the customer declares themselves to be in agreement with the applicable licensing agreements.
Any contravention is punishable by law.