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Red libraries in audio productions

Film and Video game :Mutant Insects used in Valhalla by Peter AlbrechtsenMutant Insects used in Dark Crystal TV series (Netflix) by Tim Nielsen from Skywalker soundDark Crystal TrailerTim Nielsen talks about the sound making offField recording and additional sounds Fx in a ...
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Categories: Making Of
Last summer, we were asked by a sound supervising company to work on a project called Overdrive.This movie, directed by Antonio Negret , and produced by Pierre Morel (director of Taken) takes place on the French Riviera, and centers on two car thie ...
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Recamier Theater IR

Categories: Making Of, Reviews
As you certainly noticed, it's now an habit to celebrate Christmas two months before the official date.So, we've decided to offer you a nice Christmas gift, even if we're in early november.We recorded some months ago some impulses in an old theater, which is now more existing (as a theater), too bad ...
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Everyday life in Paris story

Categories: Interviews, Making Of
Paris : This project is born from an encounter. Red Libraries was just a baby born, when we first met Peter Albrechtsen, he was working on the preparation of "The Model", a feature film directed by Sundance-winner Mads Matthiesen.Peter is a renowned sound designer, working on films all arou ...
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Frederic Devanlay about Cyberstorm

Cyberstorm : This week sample library pioneers Zero-G have released Cyberstorm – a broad selection of audio FX with a distinctive sci-fi theme, designed for film and video game soundtrack composers. Created by film and games FX supremo, Frederic Devanlay, who also produced Zero-G ...
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All about the making of Matter Mayhem

Categories: Interviews, Making Of
One essential ingredient in field recording is having fun... From Cedric Denooz and Frederic Devanlay Matter mayhem : And the more you've prepared and organized that special day, the more you got pleasure, even when they're not happening as they were planned! When w ...
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