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Red libraries in audio productions

Film and Video game :Mutant Insects used in Dark Crystal TV series (Netflix) by Tim Nielsen from Skywalker soundDark Crystal TrailerField recording and additional sounds Fx in a french fire stationFranck est Sapeur-Pompier de Paris. Il sauve des gens. Il vit dans l ...
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Categories: Making Of
Last summer, we were asked by a sound supervising company to work on a project called Overdrive.This movie, directed by Antonio Negret , and produced by Pierre Morel (director of Taken) takes place on the French Riviera, and centers on two car thie ...
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Recamier Theater IR

Categories: Making Of, Reviews
As you certainly noticed, it's now an habit to celebrate Christmas two months before the official date.So, we've decided to offer you a nice Christmas gift, even if we're in early november.We recorded some months ago some impulses in an old theater, which is now more existing (as a theater), too bad ...
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Everyday life in Paris story

Categories: Interviews, Making Of
Paris : This project is born from an encounter. Red Libraries was just a baby born, when we first met Peter Albrechtsen, he was working on the preparation of "The Model", a feature film directed by Sundance-winner Mads Matthiesen.Peter is a renowned sound designer, working on films all arou ...
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Frederic Devanlay about Cyberstorm

Cyberstorm : This week sample library pioneers Zero-G have released Cyberstorm – a broad selection of audio FX with a distinctive sci-fi theme, designed for film and video game soundtrack composers. Created by film and games FX supremo, Frederic Devanlay, who also produced Zero-G ...
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All about the making of Matter Mayhem

Categories: Interviews, Making Of
One essential ingredient in field recording is having fun... From Cedric Denooz and Frederic Devanlay Matter mayhem : And the more you've prepared and organized that special day, the more you got pleasure, even when they're not happening as they were planned! When w ...
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