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Voxpat 2

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Voxpat 2

$175.00 excl vat


$175.00 excl vat

Voxpat-2 is a standalone software developed by DigitalBrain instruments to create high quality monster. Other world creatures and robotic sounds for games, films, music, multimedia projects.

But also for processing any kind of samples or instruments in many different ways

Procedural audio, audio synthesis, audio convolution, among other audio manipulation techniques are used to create multiple layers of sound using your own voice or pre-recorded audio files.

Includes samples and presets from respected sound designers as Frederic Devanlay, Stephan Schütze, Kate Finan, Russell Gorsky, José Tome & Saro Sahihi.

A Real-time Monster, Creature & Robotic sound designer.

Used in Far cry Primal (Game, Ubisoft), Dishonored 2 (Game, Arkane studios), Van Helsing (Tv series, syfy)

Includes LEMUR & TOUCH OSC templates

Feel the multitouch control using your tablet or your smartphone

For Mac&Windows.

Technical Support: support@digitalbrain-instruments.com


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